Risks of the Czech Nuclear Contract of the Century

Wednesday, 19 June 2024, 10.00 to 15.00
Great Hall, Supernova Enforum Event Space Rustonka

The tendering process for construction of new nuclear reactors has become a major topic of Czech public debate in the recent months. It is no wonder, as it concerns hundreds of billions of crowns and the parties are aware that the big project might fail. After all, the companies that participate in the tender have had some failed projects.

How are the tenderers’ economic results and prospects viewed by experts from France, the United States and South Korea, the companies’ home countries? What were the reasons for projects in both Europe and the USA costing more than expected, causing the tenderers existential troubles? What are the financing options, and who will bear the risk of cost increases in the Czech Republic? What consequences may the government’s nuclear plan have for the national budget? Will the elections change the European Commission’s position on nuclear energy?

The objective of the international conference NEC 2024 “Risks of the Czech Nuclear Contract of the Century” is detailed discussion involving both international and Czech experts concerning exactly these questions, which ought to play a key role in the nuclear tender debate.


Current news

25 June 2024 - The conference is successfully over. You can already find presentations or text contributions of speakers and panelists on the website, we are still working on the videos. Take a look at the first photogallery.  

17 May 2024 – We apologize, but we have temporarily stopped further registrations for those interested in attending the conference due to high demand . We are working to increase capacity, and we will rank additional registrants as alternates. Thank you for your understanding. 

6 May 2024 – Register for the conference today. Please confirm your participation by 12 June. Journalists, public authorities, deputies, senators, energy experts, environmental organisations and other persons interested in the topic are invited.